12oz Bags of Family Grown Popcorn



This is a seasonal item. Great for holiday baskets or quick-grab gifts. You will receive 3 of each of our 4 varieties.

*Purple - Crisp texture, slightly sweet flavor, tender kernels.

*Red - Crunchy and fluffy texture, slightly nutty flavor. When it pops the corn is a vibrant white with hints of the red hull making for a beautiful bowl of popcorn.

*Autumn Medley - A blend of our crunchy nutty red, slightly sweet crisp purple, and tender white, making for a delectable combination.

*Fireside Blend - Crunchy nutty red with a perfect mix of the Family Grown Popcorn grown and packaged by our family on our farm in St. Clair County, Illinois.

All popcorn pops up white. This popcorn can be prepared on the stove top, in an air popper, or microwave popper or over a camp fire.

All popcorn is non-GMO. *no UPC on this product