Strong/Tired as a Mother Dual Sided Mug


You know those days as a mom when you feel confident and strong one minute and the next you feel exhausted and just want to curl up in a blanket? Yea, this mug is for those days. With “strong as a Mother” written on one side and “tired as a Mother” on the other, you can flip it around to fit your mood. She’s the same style as the “choose joy” mug but in a grey finish and with a little more sass. No matter what you’re feeling, sipping some tea or coffee from this witty mug is sure to make you giggle and get you ready for the day. Material: Ceramic Style: Earthenware Color: Matte Gray Imprint Color: White Volume: 13 Oz Notes: Design is double-sided Copyright Chalkfulloflove, 2021: All images, designs, and text are copyrighted and cannot be copied, altered, or resold. All purchases are for personal use only.