Embrace What Makes You Different Swedish Dishcloth


Hey! Have you ever realized how boring the pumpkin patch would be if every single pumpkin was the same exact color and size? We’re kind of the same way when you think about it - sometimes we forget that. If we were all cookie cutter humans, well, I don’t even want to imagine that...BORRINGGG. Embrace what makes you stand out, girlfriend! Benefits & Features: Reusable, absorbent dishcloth perfect for cleaning dishes, countertops and more Unique, hand-illustrated designs printed with water-based ink that won’t fade 7x8 inches of 80% biodegradable cellulose + 20% natural cotton (eco-friendly, yay!) A high-quality product that can last 4-6 months Saves time by requiring fewer washes than normal dishrags (toss in the washing machine or the top rack of your dishwasher when it needs a good clean) Dries flat and easy to store (even though you probably won’t want to because they add such a pretty pop of color to your kitchen) Printed with water-based inks on a white background