Are you the person that likes their plants more than people? Then you came to the right place because this is everything you need to become that Plant Mom! Taking care of our indoor plants has been happening all year round, but gardening outdoors is right around the corner!


Brass Watering Can | This watering can gets the job done, but in style. It is stainless steel and is perfect for your already indoor plants and new to become outdoor plants. We love this watering can because of the long spout so you can reach your lovely plants from a distance! 

Herb Pull and Pinch Dish | This pinch dish is the mini bowl you didn’t know you absolutely needed. This product is after all your hard work in the garden, where you can finally enjoy what you grew. This dish allows you to easily and safely pull herbs and leafy greens off of their stems! It’s a must have for bringing it to the garden and straight to the kitchen.

Plant Lady Planter | This planter is the perfect pot to watch your plants grow and reminds you that you are a plant lady! This ceramic dish is perfect for all types of plants and will look incredible anywhere in your home. This pot also comes in three different variations for all your plant needs! 

Hatch and Grow Eggs - Mint, Basil, and Parsley | If you need a place to start as a Plant Mom, this is it. This easy to plant and grow egg is fun for everyone. The most important part of this item is that it is eco-friendly down to the core. After you plant these and watch them grow, you can use your handy-dandy Herb Pull and Pinch Dish to get the best results!

Black Glass and Brass Mister | This is the perfect compliment to all of your indoor plants! If you are more of a veteran Plant Mom and have plants that need a little extra care and loving, this is the item you need. This mister is cute, lightweight, and extremely easy to use– a mister for everyone!

Plant Lady Hat | Now that you have all the essential items to be a Plant Mom, you can now look the part! Grab this hat to shield your eyes from the brutal sun as you care for your plants. The hat is fun, cute, and proves to you and everyone else that you have made it as a proud Plant Mom!

March 11, 2022 — Kelly Rampolla